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What does intumescent mean?

What does intumescent mean? Intumescent paint is a form of fire retardant coatings and contributes to passive fire fighting. The term, intumescent refers to a substance which expands when it becomes subject to extremely high temperature. Therefore intumescent paints are spectacular fire retardants. In case of fire, when the temperature rises, the coating expands and its density decreases, which results in a foamy char layer. This layer insulates the coated material and does not let the heat affect it. Intumescent paint increases safety at work The safety at work is the responsibility of the employer, owner or landlord. They must guarantee the employees’ safety in any case, therefore also in case of fire. Fire retardant coatings are very effective in preventing damage caused by fire. Intumescent paint does not make the structures fireproof but it does slow down the burning process. The paint can give up to 120 minutes additional time to evacuate the building. The intumescent products are divided into classes by the additional evacuation time provided by them. The classes include paints that slow down the burning for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. http://vinnder.com/25-Suitability.html



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A.Intumescent flame-retardant coating Additives B.Water Based Paint Additives ,like: ETB C.Flame retardant, Phosphorus Series Chemicals including some fire retardants, like: Phosphorous Acid, HPA, PPA, APP, etc., TCPP, TEP, TDCPP, TBEP,TEPA, etc.

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